Candy is a very cute girl.She is very love flowers,fish and birds.So every spring,her parents will take her to suburban scenic spot and play all day.But Candy is 6-years-old girl this year,so her parents give her a chance to go there by herself and bought her a new set of fishing tackle.She is very happy and she promised that she will be safe and bring some cute fish back.In fact ,she is not too old to prepare the outing necessities,so girl let’s help her together ? There are 5 steps you should help her.First,help her put everything she need into the suitcase.Then take the suitcase to the car which her mother drive.When she reaches the hill ,help her put everything on the temporary table and eat some food and fruit.Rest for a while,feed the birds and go fishing with her.And before the sunset,you should help her take the outing things back to home.Last, help her find a good fishbowl and put the fish in it. Ha, Candy really enjoys this outing ,you are so wonderful!She is very grateful to you!Girls,come on !Have fun !

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