Olivia is 12 years old ,she love lollipops very much.Every birthday,her mother bought her many different tastes of lollipops . She was very happy . Although lollipops are very delicious , its not healthy for her to have too much . Because they are bad for her teeth . So her mother wouldn’t let her eat too much . But , today is her birthday , she can eat a lots of lollipops , and her parents will take her to park . She is very excited , because there are a lots of lollipops which are bigger and more beautiful . But first , she will need to dress up in a cute outfit and make a beautiful hairstyle . She is a sweety girl and she love sweety style . Match her fashionable accessories which make her more lovely . Don’t forget to help her choose the best sweetest lollipops .You can create a different style of sweety girl you like for girls in this game . Have fun !

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